Xitronix supplies the world's most advanced Photo-Modulated Reflectance (PMR) systems for process control of semiconductor chip manufacturing. Through its revolutionary PMR technology, Xitronix provides leading-edge chip manufacturers with the ability to rapidly, precisely and non-destructively measure carrier mobility and active carrier concentration in nanoscale semiconductor structures - providing chip manufacturers the ability to monitor and control their yield critical manufacturing processes. Xitronix' PMR systems include the XP700 fully-automated 300mm platform. Xitronix provides sales and support to customers worldwide.

XP 700

The XP700 incorporates the industry proven active carrier concentration measurement capabilities of the Xitronix PMR technology in a fully automated platform designed for real-time process control of advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes. Precise tool matching and repeatability are achieved through the use of stabilized diode lasers and robust calibration protocols.
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