Active Carrier Concentration

The drive to new device architectures requires more abrupt junctions and conformal dopant concentrations. The need to limit dopant diffusion has led to the introduction of laser annealing processes. The combination of new, more precise active dopant control requirements and the increased non-uniformity induced by laser annealing processes have, in turn, created the need to measure the actual activated dopant concentration post-laser anneal. Xitronix PMR technology provides the definitive solution to this gap in semiconductor metrology capabilities. For the first time, process control of Active Carrier Concentration at the transistor level can be achieved in an accurate, rapid and non-destructive optical measurement technique.

2010 Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology Paper

2007 Frontiers of Characterization and Metrology for Nanoelectronics

US Patent 8,300,227

US Patent 7,391,507


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