Consumer demand for increased speed, power and integration in computing and electronic devices drives semiconductor manufacturers to scale the size of transistors in integrated circuits smaller and smaller in order to pack more performance onto a single chip. The drive to make chip features continuously smaller has made metrology for the transistor manufacturing process increasingly important to manufacturers. Further, the drive for enhanced performance has resulted in a new focus on the engineering of electronic and material properties as size scaling reaches its physical limits. In the past decade, a host of new manufacturing processes have been introduced in order to change material and electronic properties. As a result, there is now a critical and unmet need for rapid, precise and non-destructive metrology technologies to characterize electronic properties such as Carrier Mobility and Active Carrier Concentration. PMR provides the means to measure and control these properties within a shrinking process window. Xitronix is the first to offer a true, in-line system that meets the criteria for process control of nanostructure electronic properties.

The Xitronix XP700 system uses two laser beams, one pump beam and one probe beam, which are focused onto the semiconductor sample. The pump laser modulates the reflectivity of the sample. The samples' reflectivity change is measured using the second probe laser beam. At specific wavelengths, the change in reflectivity is extremely sensitive to electronic properties and thus may be used to monitor and control electronic properties during semiconductor device manufacturing. Xitronix uses its non-destructive optical technique to rapidly and precisely characterize the material properties of semiconductor nanostructures and is uniquely suited to address this need.

The Xitronix XP700 System fully supports industry automation requirements and meets SEMI standards.

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